PC Game Update Fixes Sli Terrain flickering - Crashes and the Revive Bug

Dice has started rolling out a new pc patch for Battlefield 4 which fixes the revive bug, sli terrain flickering and the top three crash issues. The servers are also updating to a new version which fixes two server crashes.

Dec 20 PC Game Update Notes

-Fix for terrain flickering when using SLI/CrossFire setup 
-Fix for three of the top crash issues on the PC platform 
-Fix for case when soldier can die with 1 HP instead of 0 
-Fix for the issue where the revive UI could be permanently shown after accepting a revive

R17 Server Update Notes

-Fix for two server crashes 
-Fix for a graphical bug that could occur when players accepted a revive within 1 second 
-Server performance optimizations
Finally this patch fixes the issue where the revive user interface could be permanently shown after instantly accepting a revive and hopefully this fixes some of the crashes people are still experiencing. Stay tuned for more upcoming updates and our experience with the new pc patch and updated servers.


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