Best Cheap Headphones and PC Gaming Headsets for Battlefield 4

Best budget head phones and the best pc gaming headset for Battlefield 4. We have selected the three best gaming headsets under $100.

Plantronics Gamecom 780 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The Plantronics Gamecom 780 has great reviews, offers 7.1 virtual surround and has a low price. It has great sound quality and even comes with different listening modes for gaming, music and movies.
plantronics gamecom 780
I have this headset myself and use it for everything i do on the computer. I can have it on my head for hours and not even notice that i am wearing it. The Gamecom 780 even has 3 buttons on the headphone itself for volume, mic ( on/off ) and listening mode. 

Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Rage Wireless

The sound blaster tactic 3d rage is definitley worth your money. It is wireless and you can connect it to your computer with a usb dongle and has a removable charging cable. There is no interference or latency with the sound. It has a removable mic and great recording quality.
sound blaster tactic 3d rage wireless
The downside on this headset is that it is not as comfortable as other headphones. It's a bit on the heavy side. The Rage Wireless does it's own audio processing so you don't need a very good sound card. It comes with SBX ProStudio software wich has some awesome features. The Tactic Rage 3D Wireless is a great option when you only have about $100 to spent.

Razer Kraken Pro

With the Razer Kraken Pro comfort is everything. It has big earcups that can move freely. Almost with every headset comfort comes from the headband so Razer decided to make the Kraken Pro lighter than most headsets out there. Because it's so light it reduces the pressure on your head which makes it much more comfortable.
razer kraken pro
The Kraken Pro has 40mm drivers and overall great sound quality. This headset is made for gaming so do not expect amazing sound quality while listening to music. The Kraken Pro is made of high quality materials and includes a audio cable extension, flexible mic and easy fold up transportation.


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