How to unlock the M60-E4 in Battlefield 4 - Dust Devil Assignment

how to unlock the M60-E4

Here is how you can earn the new M60-E4 in Battlefield 4 Second Assault with the Dust Devil Assignment. The M60 is an American Medium Machine Gun designed between the late 1940s to 1957, where it was first put into service with the United States military to replace the M1918 BAR and M1919 Browning.

  • Obtain the Anti-Vehicle Ribbon 1 Time
  • Destroy 5 vehicles on Gulf of Oman


M60-E4 Stats
Damage 34 - 25
Ammunition capacity 100
Ammunition 7.62x51mm NATO
Rate of fire 570 RPM
Kit Support

Go here for some more information about the M60-E4

How To Unlock The M60-E4


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