How To Unlock The F2000 In Battlefield 4 - Express Train Assignment

how to unlock the f2000 in bf4

Here is how you can earn the new F2000 assault rifle in Battlefield 4 Second Assault with the express train assignment. The F2000 is a fully modular, completely ambidextrous assault rifle. Its modules can be changed without the aid of tools making it very versatile.

  • Obtain the Assault Rifle Ribbon 1 Time
  • Obtain the Kill Assist Ribbon 2 Times
  • 10 Kills inside the Metro on Operation Métro
F2000 Stats
Damage 18 - 25
Ammunition capacity 31
Ammunition 5.56x45mm NATO
Rate of fire 850 RPM
Kit Assault
Go here for more information about the F2000

How To Unlock The F2000


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